SITE Course 6 (elective)

Examining Socio-Cultural, Socio-Political and Systemic Trauma


Traumatization is embedded in most socio-cultural and political human systems. Our bodies and brains are shaped by these systems. To fully heal we must accept the ways in which we are made both victims and abusers in a traumatized/traumatizing culture.


We will learn to recognize and begin to understand these ways in which we have been wounded and continue to wound, albeit often in ignorance, not with intention to harm.  


As with all SITE courses, this one is not designed to be didactic, but to be an exchange of ideas. We will imagine together a new paradigm with no expectations or judgments, and examine the belief systems that have led to the “isms” we want to vanquish: racism, classism, sexism, ageism and others.


Instructor: Tracy Penfield and guests


Focus Participants: Anyone open to looking ahead for creating new systems that do not oppress or wound its members.  








SITE Courses:

  1. Trauma-informed Education: Soma and Psyche (core course for certificate program)
  2. Engaging Somatic Intelligence in the Classroom (elective)
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  5. Survey of SafeArt Healing Arts Tools, i.e. PLAY! (core course)
  6. Examining Socio-Cultural, Socio-Political and Systemic Trauma (elective)