SITE Course 4 (Elective)

Applied Healing Arts – feeding the creative spirit within


This course is designed for all imaginative people and especially those who say, “I do not have an imagination” or “I am not creative.” Imagination is a human birthright.


In this course we will specifically apply our imaginative energies towards healing, which means the lifelong practice of wellbeing or wellness.


The natural world will be our primary teacher and partner in this course. As we walk and sit and explore in the natural world, our senses are enlivened, attuned to an endless wealth of sensory input. The lessons we learn may become expressed as creative pieces in media of our choosing.


As usual in SafeArt, no prior experience in any art form is required, only a willingness to engage in imaginative play and listen deeply, both externally and internally.


Instructor: Tracy Penfield and guests


Focus Participants: Anyone






SITE Courses:

  1. Trauma-informed Education: Soma and Psyche (core course for certificate program)
  2. Engaging Somatic Intelligence in the Classroom (elective)
  3. Courage to Self-Care (core course)
  4. Applied Healing Arts – feeding the creative spirit within (elective)
  5. Survey of SafeArt Healing Arts Tools, i.e. PLAY! (core course)
  6. Examining Socio-Cultural, Socio-Political and Systemic Trauma (elective)