SITE Course 1 (core)

Trauma-informed Education: Soma and Psyche

In this experiential course, learners will build a foundation for trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive study, as well as facilitation. We will explore trauma and wellbeing on the interconnected physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


We begin with Soma, our experiencing, sensing body, via breathing, movement and monitoring sensation. As we bring in the Brain/Psyche we will explore the neurobiology of trauma and trauma healing.  Basic SafeArt principles of managing and healing trauma will be introduced: The Three I’s (Imagination, Intuition and Intention), Dignity and Vulnerability, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Accountability, and Self-Care. These elements are associated with the mental and emotional realm. Spirit and Soul will be considered in a trauma context and how SafeArt defines them for our learning and healing purposes. Experiential activities will be woven into every lesson.


The inextricable interconnectedness of all our layers will become evident, as we create works of expression/art in media of the learners’ choosing for final projects. This course material applies to self-care as well as care of others. To be a practitioner or facilitator or other caretaker, one must first be a participant.  


A Curriculum of Courage: Making SafeArt will comprise the primary text for this course, along with other resources. This course will begin in Sept. with every other week in-person labs and in between week online discussions.


Instructor: Tracy Penfield, SafeArt Founding Director 


Focus Participants: Anyone


SITE Courses:

  1. Trauma-informed Education: Soma and Psyche (core course for certificate program)
  2. Engaging Somatic Intelligence in the Classroom (elective)
  3. Courage to Self-Care (core course)
  4. Applied Healing Arts – feeding the creative spirit within (elective)
  5. Survey of SafeArt Healing Arts Tools, i.e. PLAY! (core course)
  6. Examining Socio-Cultural, Socio-Political and Systemic Trauma (elective)