Residencies and Workshops

SafeArt residencies involve SafeArt facilitators working as visiting artists in a school or other community venue for more than one day. Residencies last from 3 days to two weeks, and can be full or half days. The residency opens with a performance by the facilitators that addresses the theme of the residency. During the course of the residency, participants will learn SafeArt principles and work on imaginative projects. The program culminates with participants giving a presentation and reflecting on their experiences in the residency.

Among SafeArt’s top priorities is to bring those who have experienced traumatic abuse out of their perceived isolation, while at the same time educate others who are naive about the pervasiveness of traumatic abuse. The two most-oft expressed responses to SafeArt teachings are:

“Now I know that I am not alone…. I thought I was the only one enduring this experience of abuse.”

“I had no idea my classmates/peers/students had experienced this level of abuse/these traumatizing events.”



These innovative programs are offered for middle schools, high schools and colleges. They can help meet Common Core standards in the middle and high school years.

Residencies are designed to allow participants to express themselves about relationship issues and develop the confidence to make healthy relationship choices.



These lessons include:

  • Highly interactive lessons about Domination and Control – the dynamics of healthy/unhealthy relationships.
  • Trauma 101 – a lesson in the neurology of trauma.
  • Topics of conversation presented at age appropriate levels and typically include:
    • Family violence
    • Sexual violence
    • Substance abuse
    • Stress
    • Consent
    • Self-harm
    • Peer bullying
    • Body image and eating disorders
  • Each issues is addressed across the spectrum of prevention, intervention and healing.
  • Proactive Bystanders – Interactive lessons covering bystander intervention and response to abusive situations.
  • Experiential small and large group lessons with activities including:
    • Role-playing
    • Creative writing
    • Dramatic and Musical improvisation
    • Drawing
  • Respectful conversations and a safe-space to share thoughts, opinions, beliefs and experiences.
  • Artistic exploration in a media of their choosing which may serve them as a source of joy and creative outlet for emotion.
  • Individual presentations of stories (truth or fiction) on a topic and in a form in their choice. Pieces must present progress towards resolution or healing.
  • Participant presentations/performances for the core group, schools or community, by choice (and most choose to present). Final projects are worked on over the course of the residency individually or in small groups. Final performances are followed by a time for individual and group reflection on the experience.

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SafeArt is flexible and open to creating a residency structure that will work with each school’s schedule, finances and focus of interest. Contact us for more information!