Tracing: A Somatic Practice

individual_healing_tracing_thumb2Tracing is designed for people who have experienced abuse and other traumas and is an opportunity to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by tapping into the paths that are traced and retraced over a lifetime.

A goal of Tracing is to strengthen and nurture healthy patterns, while altering or abolishing unhealthy ones. Each session has a focusing theme or concept that is tailored to or chosen by the participant. Some examples are: flow, trust, balance, anger and grief.

Tracing explores the whole being through breathing, energy work, movement, bodywork and imaginative expression, offering a safe, gentle path towards integration of soma and psyche, body and mind. All sessions are guided and are oriented to each person’s individual needs relating to their emotional and physical comfort and growth.

Tracing sessions are designed and facilitated by SafeArt Founding Director Tracy Penfield. She practices by appointment at the Center for Integrative Health in Hanover, NH and Altus Healing Arts in Chelsea, VT. Tracy also works with people who have cancer and other illnesses, people with end of life needs, people who self-harm, and anyone seeking more harmony and integration in their life.

Individual sessions last 90 minutes.

Family/Group sessions last 2 hours.

45-minute sessions are available for follow-up or to focus on energy or bodywork.

Cost is on a sliding scale.

To schedule an appointment, contact Tracy Penfield at or 802-685-3138.