Teen Ensemble

The SafeArt Teen Ensemble

The SafeArt Teen Ensemble is an opportunity for teenagers to express themselves through acting, music, dance, and spoken word and collaborate on original performances that are toured to schools, conferences and other venues.

Youth in this program build confidence and become peer educators and proactive bystanders. They have a unique chance to create and choose content that boldly addresses challenging, but pervasive issues – bullying, dating and sexual violence, family conflict, substance abuse, self harm and more.

The SafeArt Teen Ensemble is taking a ‘time out’ while we refresh our resources. However, if you are interested in the program please contact us any time at 802-685-3138 or info@safeart.org. Membership in the SafeArt Teen Ensemble is free and open to teens who live in or near Orange County. Transportation can be coordinated.

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When active, the SafeArt Teen Ensemble provides original performances followed by guided discussions that enrich communities. These performances use humor and hope to deepen our understanding of abuse and trauma. We shed light on dark topics with the belief that normalizing the conversation will build a culture of proactive youth and adults working to solve these problems.

The Ensemble will perform for any age or audience. The format is usually a 50-minute show followed by a discussion between the ensemble and audience members. These post-show interactions are often insightful and illuminating conversations.

Through this program the audience becomes aware of sensitive subjects that permeate teenage life and the lives of their families. The SafeArt Teen Ensemble empowers people to have open dialogue and be more active agents of social change.

Standard cost: $750 for one performance or $1,000 for a day of performances.

SafeArt is committed to reaching under-served individuals, families and communities. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together to bring the Teen Ensemble to your school or town.