Randolph Community Roots

The Randolph Community Roots Project began in 2008 after receiving a grant from the Gifford Medical Center and the Vermont Women’s Fund. Further funding for the Randolph Community Roots project has been received by the Lamson Howell Fund. This project was taken on in collaboration with the Orange County Domestic and Sexual Violence Task Force.

Programs in the Randolph Community Roots project are designed to create programming focused on activism, healing and artwork in the Randolph area.

Randolph Community Roots programs include

LISO – Looking Inward, Speaking Out – is an expressive arts group for adolescents creating a safe and supportive environment in which participants can engage in different forms of self-expression.

Healing Arts for Women – Open to all women who have experienced traumatic events (whether loss, abuse or other harm) and wish to heal through creative expression. A variety of art forms are used to nourish, with imagination and compassion, in a safe and supportive environment.

Randolph Union High School Residencies – have been held since 2006 in Deb Larry’s Health classes. We look at issues of human relationships with an emphasis on becoming Proactive Bystanders at school and in their homes and communities. Participants create pieces to be shared with their school and community.

Teen Ensemble Performances at Randolph Union High School and Chandler – are an opportunity for SafeArt Ensemble members to shed light on dark topics such as domestic/sexual violence and related issues , like substance abuse, self-harm and bullying. The goal is to blend humor with seriousness and empower people of all ages to speak out against abuse.