Looking Inward, Speaking Out

Looking Inward Speaking Out (LISO) is an expressive arts group for adolescents that meets after school in Randolph. LISO meets Tuesdays after school in the art room at Randolph Union High School.

LISO cultivates a safe and supportive environment in which participants can engage in different forms of self-expression. Meetings generally begin with an opportunity for participants to share thoughts, feelings, and concerns relating to their own lives and the larger world. The group then transitions into a focus on artistic expression of these issues. LISO participants engage in artwork that is at times independent – e.g. an improvised dance, a drawing, a story – and at other times collective – e.g. a collaborative mural, a parade banner, a skit.

For more information, contact SafeArtist and LISO facilitator Ali Palin at apalin@meca.edu.