Lending Hands

Lending Hands is a new initiative that will bring together youth and adults to aid, honor and share the voices of the elderly, disabled and those in need. “Lending Hands” offers youth the opportunity to volunteer in their own communities with the help of adult mentors, learning from the people they help and building job skills for the future. “Lending Hands” will be focused on the ‘sending towns’ for Chelsea High School—Chelsea, Tunbridge, Vershire and Washington—but young people and potential mentors from outside those communities should contact coordinator Dave Mascoveta at (802) 685-3855 if they have interest.

“Lending Hands” starts with a group of young people (ages 13–24) who agree to participate in a three-month period to help others in their communities. They will meet with mentors, learn basic job skills, and volunteer in their communities with guidance from those mentors, doing odd jobs, repairs, and tasks such as stacking wood and helping with flower and vegetable gardens. The students will also record oral histories of the people they serve, and work to create art from what they have learned. This is a wonderful way to share and support everyone’s voice.

Lending Hands is looking for young people and adults to serve as workers and mentors. Youth will learn job skills, get to know their community better, and build their resumes or college transcripts. Mentors get to help the next generation and support elders and others who want to stay in their homes. “Fun days” and other activities are also planned. Scheduling will be flexible to accommodate the busy lives of young people. Dave Mascoveta, the program coordinator, is an experienced builder with experience mentoring and working with young people. To learn more about volunteering, contact Dave at davemasoveta@gmail.com or (802) 685-3855.

SafeArt has launched the Lending Hands program with grant funding from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.