Our Programs:

SafeArt offers a wide variety of programs to engage the transformative power of the arts to prevent and heal abuse and other traumas.

  • Healing Arts for Women – Community groups for all women to foster healing through dialogue, expressive arts (visual, movement, musical, literary, etc.) and sisterhood.
  • Residencies & Workshops – Experiential programming brought to public schools and colleges. Participants interact to create expressive pieces, which explore sensitive topics. These creative activities are fun, thought provoking and ultimately increase empathy and understanding.
  • “Making SafeArt” Training – Trainings provide a diverse set of adaptable tools to help educators, therapists, social workers, health care providers, and anyone else integrate creative expression into their work and personal self-care.
  • The SafeArt Ensemble – An awareness raising performance group of activist teenagers and adults. They engage drama, music, poetry and dance to speak out about issues that are important to them and inspire others to also speak out and become proactive bystanders.
  • Looking Inward Speaking Out (LISO) – A safe after school environment for self-expression.
  • Tracing – Guided creative exploration involving energy and breathing work, movement and creative expression for healing and mind/body integration. Available for individuals, families or groups.
  • Artist Mentoring Program (AMP) – AMP connects youth with adult artists in a medium of their interest. Beyond engagement in artistic expression, these pairings provide mentoring and apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Randolph Community Roots – An in-depth partnership with the Randolph community through teen groups, ensemble performances, women’s groups, and high school residencies.

To book SafeArt residencies, trainings and performances or to get involved with other SafeArt opportunities call 802-685-3138 or email

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