Engaging the transformative power of the arts to prevent and heal abuse and other traumas.

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SafeArt Programs:

SafeArt Teen Ensemble
Healing Arts for Women
Mindful Women

Dancing Women, Healing Spirits
Workshops and Residencies
Sexual Abuse Survivors Youth Group

Teen Ensemble

The SafeArt Teen Ensemble provides and opportunity for teenagers to work together towards performances that are toured to schools, conferences and other venues.

Teenagers in this program learn how to express themselves through acting music, dance and poetry. They have a unique and confidence building opportunity tochoose content that boldly addresses challenging, but pervasive issues - bullying, dating and sexual violence, family conflict, substance abuse, self harm and more.

The results of this hard work are original performances followed by guided discussion that enrich communities. Humor and hope provide balance for the difficult aspect of these forums. We shed light on dark topics with the belief that normalizing the conversation will build a culture of proactive youth and adules working to sovle these problems.

The Ensemble will perform for any age or audience. The format is usually a 50-minute show followed by a discussion between the ensemble and audience members. These post-show interactions are often insightful adn illuminating conversations.

Through this program the audience becomes aware of sensitive subjects that permeate teenage life and the lives of their families. The SafeArt Teen Ensemble empowers people to have open dialogue and be more active agents of social change.

To Join the SafeArt Teen Ensemble contact us: info@safeart.org, (802) 685-3138
See upcoming performances at "Events"
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A Somatic Practice for Self-expression and Healing

Tracing is designed for people who have experienced abuse and other traumas and is an opportunity to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by tapping into the paths that are traced and retraced over a lifetime. We seek to strengthen and nurture healthy patterns, while altering or abolishing unhealthy ones. Each session has a focusing theme or concept that is tailored to or chosen by the participants. Some examples are flow, trust, balance, anger and grief.

Tracing explores the whole being through breathing, energy work, movement, bodywork and creative expression, offering a safe, gentle path towards integration of soma and psyche, body and mind. All sessions are guided and it is understood that each person has different needs for emotinal and physical comfort and growth.

Tracing sessions are designed and facilitated by SafeArt Founding Director Tracy Penfield. She practices by appointment at the Center for Integrative Health in Hanover, NH and Altus Healing Arts in Chelsea, VT. Besides working with people with abuse-related issues, Tracy works with people who have cancer or other illnesses, self-harming behavior, people with end of life needs, and anyone seeking more harmony and integration in their life.

Individual sessions last 90 minutes.
Family/Group sessions last 2 hours.
45-minute Tracing sessions are available for follow-up or to focus on energy or bodywork.

To schedule an appointment contact Tracy Penfield at tpenfield@safeart.org or (802) 685-3138

Healing Arts for Women

Healing Arts for Women is open to all women who have experienced traumatic events (whether loss, illness, abuse or other harm) and wish to heal through creative expression. A variety of art forms are used to nourish, with imagination and compassion, in a safe and supportive environment.

Randolph Community Roots (Randolph, VT): Meets monthly in the Markle Room at Gifford, 6-7:30pm, 3rd Thursday. Facilitated by Bonny Willett. Randolph, VT.

Altus Healing Arts (Chelsea, VT): Meets monthly at Altus Healing Arts Visual Studios (Mascoma Bank Building Downstairs), 6-8pm, 3rd Wednesdays. Facilitated by Tracy Penfield. 

Healing Arts for Women Groups are supported by generous volunteer contributions and by a memorial gift from Kristy Norton. The Chelsea, VT Healing Arts for Women group created a sculpture in honor of Kristy Norton to illustrate their gratitude. This Kristy Sculpture accompanies Tracy Penfield and the SafeArt Teen Ensemble to appearances and is temporarily installed in various locations bringing with it SafeArt's message about healing through the arts.

For more information contact SAfeArt: info@safart.org (802) 685-3138
Randolph Community Roots Schedule
Altus Healing Arts Schedule


Mindful Women

This womens' mindfulness group, originally "Mindfulness for Joyful Eating" in the spring of 2010, is a consortium of women seeking mindfulness in their lives. 

Altus Visual Arts Studio (Downstairs), 5:30-7pm, 4th Wednesdays. Facilitated by Tracy Penfield and Kym Anderson. Calendar Here.

For more information contact SafeArt: (802) 685-3138, info@safeart.org

LISO: Looking Inward, Speaking Out

Part of Randolph Community Roots Project, LISO is an expressive arts group for adolescents that meets Thursdays after school until 4:30 at Kids Place in Randolph. LISO cultivates a safe and supportive environment in which participants can engage in different forms of self-expression. Meetings generally begin with an opportunity for participants to share thoughts, feelings, and concerns relating to their own lives and the larger world. The group then transitions into a focus on artistic expression of these issues. LISO participants engage in artwork that is at times independent - an improvised dance, a drawing, a story - and at other times collective - a collaborative mural, a parade banner, a skit. Facilitated by Josey Hastings.

For more information contact Josey: jhastings@safeart.org, (802) 685-3138
Events Calendar Here.

                  Women Healing Spirits

Dancing Women, Healing Spirits:

Each of us has a unique movement vocabulary, informed by our life experiences and our personal spirits. 

We gather to free our informed bodies and find our inner dancer. 
We dance with guidance, but not choreography. 
We dance together, soothed and invigorated by the seamless integration of spirit, mind and body. 
We dance with no judgment, and no expectations. 
We dance to heal.
We dance because it feels good!

Women of all ages and abilities are welcome.

Dancing Women, Healing Spirits meets the first Wednesday of the month, 5-6:30 pm at Altus Healing Arts.

For more information contact SafeArt: (802) 685-3138, info@safeart.org
Calendar Here.

Workshops and Residencies

SafeArt's Founding Director, Tracy Penfield, offers workshops at conferences, community centers, universities and workplaces and residencies at schools and universities.

During these programs Tracy uses the Making SafeArt (c) curriculum to accomplish many goals:
  • Learning to communicate about difficult topics.
  • Expressing hurt.... fear.... love.... anger & hope in positive and healthy ways.
  • Realizing that that they are not alone.
  • Seeing the benefits of connecting with others in meaningful activity.
  • Discovering that everyone can imagine and create.
  • Understanding the value of empathy rather than judgment.
  • Increasing self-esteem and a sense of self.
  • Improving self-confidence in relationship choices.
  • Strengthening the conviction that there is no excuse for abuse.
For more information about residencies and workshops visit "book us."

To schedule a residency/workshop or learn SafeArt methods contact us:
(802) 685-3138

                  Cards from Residency

Sexual Abuse Survivors Youth Group

Sexual Abuse Survivors Youth Group is open to young women ages 12-25 who have experienced any type of sexual assault or abuse and started during the autumn of 2008. This group provides a safe space where these young women may share a time of healing expression.

Make referrals to SafeArt Director Tracy Penfield, who will facilitate, 685.3138, tpenfield@safeart.org.

Artist Mentoring Program:

AMP connects youth with adult artists in a medium of their interest. Beyond engagement in artistic expression, these pairings provide mentoring and even apprenticeships.

In the past youth have paired with artists to learn dance, poetry, sculpture, painting, pottery....

If you are interested in getting involved in the AMP program either as a mentor or mentee, please contact Tracy Penfield: tpenfield@safeart.org (802) 685-3138.

 Contact Information:

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Phone: 802.685.3138

Email: info@safeart.org

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