The Healing Arts Intensive Care Unit for Women Is Open to Participants

If you are deeply affected by:

  • anxiety
  • abuse 
  • fear
  • trauma
  • illness  
  • loss
  • grief
  • daily struggle
  • depression

The Healing Arts Intensive Care Unit for Women (HAICU) may be for you.

HAICU takes place one day a week from 10:30am–2pm at the Altus Healing Arts Center in Chelsea, Vt.
We do not offer traditional psychotherapy, but all of our modalities are intentionally therapeutic. We encourage members to share their story through creative expression.

A group session could involve:

  • drawing
  • painting
  • writing
  • meditation and breath
  • movement
  • simply taking a walk out of doors
  • games

We seek to create a safe space for participants to explore their own healing with the support of a group. We seek to help women learn to process and manage their trauma and maintain a dynamic balance in their lives.

Participants also have the opportunity for individual sessions (at other times) in a variety of modalities, including energy work, herbalism, massage therapy, Reiki, dream therapy, drama therapy, and movement.

You need not have any experience in the arts to join!

The HAICU group is by donation. We do not want lack of money to keep you from attending.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Bridgett and she will assist you in setting up a meeting with a HAICU facilitator. Call 802.685.3138 or email