Happy Birthday to “A Curriculum of Courage: Making SafeArt”

A message from author and SafeArt Founding Director Tracy Penfield

This year has been one of telescoping time: The launch of A Curriculum of Courage: Making SafeArt was last October, though it feels like it was just yesterday and also years ago. We have been practicing the principles and lessons in the book since 2000, honing and refining and experimenting, as with any educational process.

For me, holding the curriculum in my hands has been a wonderful experience. It has become my own resource guide. It has taken me to California and Boston and numerous sites in Vermont and New Hampshire. In 2018, the book and I will travel to Arizona, Idaho and Washington, maybe more!

Getting the opportunity to share the book with leaders in the field of trauma management and healing has been an affirming experience. They all get it: that creative expression engages the places in the brain where trauma is held. To effectively process and manage trauma, one must engage all parts of the brain, not only the talking and thinking place. We must activate the feeling and moving places, too.

SafeArt is now pursuing an opportunity in which A Curriculum of Courage will play a leading role. We are developing our first courses for the SafeArt Institute on Trauma-informed Education. People who take these courses will be able to work towards a SafeArt Certificate and receive undergraduate credits, graduate credits, or Continuing Education Units. We envision this is a way to further spread our message to the world: “SafeArt believes in the power of the arts to create personal and social change.”

I thank you for joining me on this healing and imaginative journey. If you have not had a chance to peruse the curriculum yet, I encourage you to do so