On Our Way Anthology

Cover of the Anthology
On Our Way: An Anthology of SafeArt Writing

On Our Way… An Anthology of SafeArt Writing 2000-2010 is a compilation of works written by SafeArt participants and made possible by support from Chip Norton and the Kristy Norton Memorial Fund. These poems, song lyrics, and prose pieces were created in school residencies and healing arts workshops by teens and adults. 

This stunning array of emotional and personal stories exemplify the ways in which SafeArt methods of creative writing encourage people to pull their stories of traumatic abuse from deep within themselves. While these stories are not always easy to read, they raise awareness of the pervasiveness of traumatic abuse in our culture and engenders empathy for one’s community and one’s self.

The voices range in age from pre-teen through late adulthood and convey that abuse happens to all sorts of people at all ages and stages in life. When one has experienced traumatic abuse at an early stage of life, the trauma symptoms will be experienced for a lifetime unless the experience is processed through healing work, such as imaginative expression.

Even though a traumatic event will not be forgotten, at SafeArt we believe that it can be managed and healed. The pieces in On Our Way are evidence of people doing the hard of healing themselves. These stories are forthright and authentic, and will tug at your heart with their truth.


You can order copies of On Our Way… from Northshire Bookstore or directly from SafeArt. On Our Way is also available in ebook form from Amazon.

For more information contact SafeArt: info@safeart.org or (802) 685-3138