Alexis Smith offers massage at Altus by appointment.

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Alexis Smith has been a Massage Therapist and practitioner of The Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy as well as an Arvigo Spiritual Healing practitioner for over 25 years. Originally under the direct training of Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Ms. Hortense and Ms. Beatrice Waight in Belize, she now works closely with Mayan Abdominal and massage therapist Kayla Becker in Montpelier, VT.  She was a teacher and certified massage practitioner at The Universal Institute of Healing Arts under its directorship for the past 15 years; her professional path evolved from client to student, then to apprentice, teacher-in-training, practitioner, co-teacher and assistant to the director.  The Universal Institute of Healing Arts was the first massage school in the state of Vermont, having recently closed.  Alexis is now more available to practice her healing work, sharing her vast experiences and love of the work which includes a multitude of trainings in healing modalities including massage, Reiki, hydrotherapy, thai massage, movement therapy, acupressure, Asian bodywork and HorsePlay Therapy. She is a professional level practitioner in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (CAP) and Spiritual Healing (ASHP).

Alexis balances her healing work with yoga, dance, community service, garlic farming, teaching, and puppetry as a 30 year company member of the Bread and Puppet Theater.  Alexis Smith is certified and fully insured.

To set up an appointment please contact Alexis directly by phone at (802)-371-7239 or by email at