Alexis Smith offers massage at Altus by appointment.

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Alexis Smith is a teacher and certified practitioner at the Universal Institute of Healing Arts under the directorship of Bob Onne.
Over the past 15 years, her professionalĀ path has evolved from client to student, apprentice, teacher-in-training, practitioner, co-teacher, and friend to Bob Onne.

Her previous experience includes training in healing modalities such as massage, Reiki, hydrotherapy, movement therapy, acupressure and Asian bodywork. She is certified (CAP) and (ASHP) in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and Spiritual Healing with Dr. Rosita Arvigo. Additionally Alexis spent over 9 years as an apprentice with Mayan midwife, Healer and Shaman, Ms. Beatrice Waite from Belize.

Alexis treats clients in her home office in Corinth, in Chelsea at Altus Healing Arts, in Plainfield at Katuah, in her own Retreat Center, and in Middlesex at The Universal Institute of Healing Arts.

Alexis balances her work with yoga, Dancing With Horses, and puppetry as a 27-year company member of the Bread and Puppet Theater.

Alexis can be contacted at or atĀ 802-685-3027 / cell: 802-371-7239.