Our Staff

Tracy Penfield
Artistic Director and Founder

Tracy Penfield

Tracy founded SafeArt in 2000 after 20 years as an Artist and Educator in Fiber Arts and Dance. Her experience in an abusive relationship from the age of 14 to 29 gave her a distinctive perspective on how her students were responding to creative expression. Wanting to work across the spectrum of prevention to recovery from traumatic abuse gave rise to the concept of SafeArt.

Before founding SafeArt, Tracy taught Modern and Creative Dance at Montana State University, Colby Sawyer College and Dartmouth College, and worked as an Artist-in-Residence in schools in Montana, New Hampshire and Vermont. Over the past 25 years, Tracy has performed both solo and with various troupes and collaborators.

In 2008, Altus Healing Arts opened as SafeArt’s home in Chelsea, Vermont. Tracy offers individual therapeutic sessions that combine energy healing, movement and voice in a process she developed, called Tracing. Tracy also teaches yoga, dance, weaving and mindfulness. Tracy has an interest in equine therapy, through which abused and neglected horses and people can learn from and be healed by each other in profound ways. In 2016, Tracy published A Curriculum of Courage: Making SafeArt, and has taken the book on tour in the Northeast.

Tracy believes in the power of the arts to create personal and social change. 


Caro Bick 
Executive Administrator

Caro Bick

Caro Bick moved to Chelsea from North Carolina in 2006. She left North Carolina to remove herself from an abusive relationship and change her life patterns. After being here only a few months she met Tracy Penfield and was introduced to dance through Tracy’s Monday night Dance program. The freedom and opening she experienced created a balance she had never found before, and she was hooked!

Caro has spent many of her professional years as a Special Education teacher, working mostly with students who have behavioral troubles in the school setting. She began her career in this field in the mid 1970’s working with juvenile delinquents from the greater Boston area at an alternative school called Penikese Island School, located on a small Island off the coast of Cape Cod, where the boys learned basic skills such as farming and carpentry and cooking.

Caro spends those six months of the Vermont growing season working in perennial gardens around the Upper Valley, and in the winter she enjoys cross country skiing, riding her horse, and making home made cider.




SafeArt Partners

Yasmeen Hossain
Program Director and Healing Arts Practitioner

yasmeenYasmeen is a Healing Arts Practitioner at SafeArt. She co-facilitates group sessions, offers private sessions for adults and youth, facilitates the Healing Arts for Women group in Randolph and is a co-facilitator of in-school residencies.
Along with a number of other therapeutic modalities, she incorporates hands-on energy healing, chakra balancing, crystal medicine, mindfulness practices as well as guided meditation into her work.
Yasmeen grew up in a family of intuitive healers; her German mother taught her about the healing properties of crystals and herbs while her Bengali father passed on his skill of intuitive readings.  She has also studied under a renowned medical intuitive as well as a shaman in Alaska.
She is currently in the final stages of finishing a PhD in Sustainable Development.

Ali Palin
Healing Arts Practitioner

A Vermont-based artist, Ali began her involvement with SafeArt in high school when she joined the Performing Arts Ensemble. During her time in this ensemble she experienced the amazing ability of the performing arts to shed light on dark subject matter for middle and high school aged kids.

A few years later she found herself back at SafeArt, this time with a newly earned BFA from the Maine College of Art. With this education, in combination with her past experiences in the ensemble, she became a Youth Program Facilitator.

She is excited to provide an opportunity for young people to discover what she discovered herself at that age: the sense of empowerment that comes with understanding oneself through creative expression.

Art gathers itself in all corners of her life: from a walk in the woods to the desirable acoustics in the shower, from the revival of her vintage trailer to the way she styles her hair.

She encourages people of all ages to explore the creative power within themselves in an intuitive and inclusive way.


Sarah Lowry
SafeArt Intern

Sarah Lowry has been an intern at SafeArt since September. She lives in Northfield Vermont and travels weekly to attend Lesley University in Cambridge MA where she is getting her degree in Mental Health Counseling, specifically Drama Therapy. Sarah currently co-facilitates many of SafeArt’s programs including HAICU, the Healing Arts for Women groups, and youth residencies around the state. She brings her experience in body-based trauma work into the facilitation and incorporates the elements of movement, play and improvisation within the group work. Outside of her work at SafeArt, Sarah is a body worker, a theater director, and the co-manager of the Plainfield Opera House.  She will be with SafeArt until June, 2017 and looks forward to continuing the relationship beyond her internship.

Mitch Beck
Volunteer Staff – HAICU
Mitch Beck has been involved with SafeArt since 2004.  Her original involvement was as a severely traumatized woman in need of everything SafeArt had to offer.  As the years went by, part of her healing process involved organizing fund raisers, community awareness events and many, many art shows displaying the art created by the SafeArt Women’s Groups.  Mitch now works to bring art to children through work on the Art Bus and in the Tunbridge One Planet Afterschool Program. She is now a facilitator for the weekly HAICU women’s healing group.  Mitch truly believes in engaging the transformative power of the arts to prevent and heal abuse and other traumas.